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Hammerite has a rich history. The name first appeared in 1962, when Allen Forster developed a hammered paint for use in electrical insulation. But Hammerite first appeared in the format we know today in 1984. It was launched in the UK as an air-drying, corrosion-resistant coating for iron and steel. Hammerite created the metal specialist category.

Hammerite soon developed a name for quality products with its unique formulation. Today Hammerite is sold in over 55 countries worldwide.

In over 25 years we have never lost our focus on metal. Our knowledge and understanding of metal remains unrivalled and Hammerite continues to be supported by world-class research and innovation as part of AkzoNobel.

1962 Allen Forster develops a hammered finish paint for use as an electrical insulator
1963 Allen Forster establishes Finnigans to manufacture and distribute Hammerite by mail order
1972 Allen Forster develops Waxoyl
1983 Huntings Plc buys Finnigans from Allen Forster
1984 Hammerite launched to the UK DIY market
1985 Hammerite’s first TV advertising campaign
1985-87 Acquisition of Hermetite, Solvol, Kurust and Joy brands
1987 Export department established
1993 Williams Holdings Plc acquire the company
1995 International market development across 20 countries
1998 ICI Plc acquire Hammerite, Cuprinol & Polycell from Williams
2001 Hammerite launched in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay) in collaboration with ICI Paints sister companies
2004 Hammerite launched in Turkey and Bulgaria
Today Sales in 55 countries